Happy Birthday Kokkobags.com !

It’s been a year that the shop is open!

It’s been a year full of surprises and achievement. I’m really happy about the way that KOKKO Bags is growing and evolving.

It’s so important to look back at the work that has been done and to be grateful, proud and happy about what we have today! A birthday is a good opportunity to do this scanning!

I’m so grateful for the beautiful opportunities I received during the whole year:  to appear on the “C’est du belge” tv show just before launching the webshop, to go to the Pure FM studio and get the “Label Snooze”, see articles about KOKKO on the magazines, such as GAEL, KACTUS, …

But I’m even more grateful for all the nice customers that I got to meet during this past year! Meeting a new person, a new personnality, and a new request is always a chance to make a new bag, and make you happy!

I intend to go further with that path and keep on making my dream come true. I’ll keep putting my passion in your bags and bring my small contribution to make a more sustainable, ethic and local but still highly trendy fashion and bring an alternative to the fast fashion.

I am full of projects and dreams for the coming years!

Thanks for being part of this <3