This article is not available anymore, but why?!

Did you notice that the KOUKI ” bottle green – snake prints ” after a few weeks on the shop disapeard from it? … So why are some bags available and then, without notice, not following any seasonality nor other reason go off it?

Well, because very simply, it happens quite often that I choose leather skins that are only available in very small quantities. I sometimes buy a skin or even a piece of a skin at very local reseller, in Paris or elsewhere. It can also be fabrics from the very famous brands that they don’t use anymore. If the color is slightly different or if a collection is over, they sell what’s left! And I’m very happy to reuse them and find something different in a very good quality!

The same is happening when I go to wholesalers. Some leather skins are available during the whole year, but some of them are part of a “pop-up” collection, and won’t be back when they are sold out. So I try to buy the fabrics that I believe in and which correspond to my style and would fit to my customers. The seller in that case always place a little “oh yeah, when it’s sold out, it’s for good!”, and here comes the time to control myself! Impossible to keep them all in my workshop! I must stick to my style and not spend it all! I rather go back there and extra round to find the exact piece that will make my customer happy!

So to make it short, the bag KOUKI¬†” bottle green – snake prints ” was made in a leather skin that is impossible to get back. So there are two of them and that will be it! Isn’t it even more precious to know that the bag that we love so much is such a little production product? And in my side, it’s so much fun and rich to work continuously with new pieces and associations!

I just can’t wait to continue make new KOUKI! ūüôā Any ideas?